PAA Firewalls

Computer security used to be manageable. You had your own employees on your own network. Nothing came in or went out without an employee knowing about it.

With the birth of the Internet, suddenly all kinds of information was available to you and your employees. But, just as the world's information seemed only a mouse-click away, you wondered "If I can access information all over the world, can the world access my information?".

Fast forward 15 years, and the internet is now more akin to the wild west, with hackers and social engineers devising new ways to compromise your confidential information. Hackers are constantly scanning the internet for unprotected systems. You must protect your network.

That is where the PAA firewall can help you. Our firewalls are Linux-based and offer fine grain control to keep your networks safe from the outside world, while allowing business to proceed as usual.

PAA Virtual Private Networks

A virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tunnel between two firewalls or between a PC and a firewall. Information that flows through the VPN is encrypted, offering you data integrity, authentication and privacy.

Our PAA VPNs also run in a Linux-based environment, and can be run in tandem with the PAA firewall. Multiple Linux or Windows clients can connect to the PAA VPN Server, offering a stable, secure method for sensitive data transfer.